Annual Christmas Dinner Celebrates Holiday, Charity, and Special Relationships


For over ten years they have gathered to celebrate Christmas at The Masonic Home for Children.  Special to this night, besides the incredible amount of gifts and generosity for the children, are the gift of people.  People whose relationship with MHCO often spans decades, involves help and belief throughout the year, and those who trust in the Home’s purpose so much, they enlist the help and charity of others.  On a night filled with presents, paper, and wish lists fulfilled, we focus on those friends who come and share their joy of Christmas.  For most, they know not why a child is in care or the circumstances that led them to MHCO.  What they do know is that through their work, planning, giving, and personal sacrifice and that of others, a child will have a better Christmas, with positive memories, and hope for the New Year.



Our friends on this December 8, 2016 night did indeed do that, as witnessed in the smiles, laughter, and excitement of a night of receiving, giving, and sharing.  With all the excitement in the lives and hearts of our children, we turn our attention and vzm-img_20161208_220811extend our gratitude to these special individuals and groups, who come together at Christmas, to insure the wishes of a child are realized now and celebrated throughout a lifetime.  We acknowledge their giving and donations, while we admire the faith and joy found in their work for our children for another Christmas.  As we recognize each here, and their years of helping our Home at Christmas, we distinguish not only their contributions for this year, but their relationship with this Home throughout the years and the memory that our children carry throughout their lives of these friends and their part of a child’s Christmas forever.

Please join us in celebrating these friends of MHCO and their relationship with our family of children, for this Christmas and in years past.  While they bring packages and presents, their ultimate gift is their relationship with our Home, our residents, and their support and faith in our mission for those youngest among us.


Surgery Service at UNC Healthcare
Chelsea Werlau, Char-Norie Poteat, Linnea Van Pelt
Novella Clinical Inc.
Leslie Horton
Oxford Orphanage Alumni Association
Tina Gilreath and Jennifer Grimes
Triangle Italian American Heritage Association
Lou Aiello
OR West Surgical Department at UNC Rex Hospitals
Tamara Reynolds
Oak Grove Masonic Lodge No. 750
David Mitchell, David Wicker, James Adams
Martin & Jones
Allison Rogers
Southern Pharmacy
C/o Sue and Clayton Sutton
Steve and Donna Owen
Annette McGregor & Family
Mrs. Melissa Hogan and Family
Mr. Forest Horne and John Alan Jones of Martin and Jones, Attorneys at Law