Local Student Helps MHCO & Thai Orphanage


Special thanks to Miss Anna Rogers!



Anna is a senior at Franklin Academy in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She is researching residential homes for children for a school project and she selected MHCO and an orphanage in Thailand (her step-father’s job takes him to Thailand periodically) to compare and contrast. She has traveled to Thailand and visited their campus once and she has visited MHCO a few times. Her final write-up and presentation is due in April. Anna held a chicken-plate fundraiser in December and split the money raised between the two homes. Thank you Anna!! (Pictured from left are Dr. Amy Still (MHCO’s Program Director), Anna Rogers, Linda Frederickson (MHCO’s Education Coordinator), and Jennifer Grimes (MHCO’s Financial Development Asst. and Database Coordinator).