Strategic Planning Retreat – 2017


     A Strategic Planning Retreat was held March 24-25 with almost 50 personnel, board members, alumni, community partners, and other stakeholders in attendance. Friday evening’s activities included reflecting on MHCO’s past, sharing resident and staff experiences, discussing the current organizational profile, and analyzing where MHCO stands currently including internal strengths and weaknesses and external threats and opportunities for growth. Saturday’s activities included envisioning the future and strategizing how to close the gap between MHCO’s operations in 2017 and vision for 2021. Breakout groups revised the mission, vision, and quality statements and developed a new tagline. Goals, objectives, and initiatives were developed to enhance the sustainability  of MHCO including utilization and stewardship of resources, community partnerships, and recruitment and retention of employees. The strategic plan ideas will be compiled and discussed at the May meeting of the Board of Directors for feasibility and implementation. This retreat was the first of many discussions about the bright and promising future of MHCO.

2017 Great Landscape Event

It was cold…and it was rainy! But that didn’t stop friends of MHCO from braving the elements and working at our Home for the 2017 Great Landscape Event! Flowerbeds were mulched, God’s Half Acre was spruced up, things were painted, trash was collected, and our York Rite Chapel got a major overhaul! Special thanks to all those who came out!!

Lebanon Lodge No. 391
Boy Scout Troop No. 629
James B. Green Lodge No. 735
Hiram Lodge No. 40
Andrew Jackson Lodge No. 576
Oxford Lodge No. 122
Oxford Preparatory School
Currituck Lodge No. 463
Creedmoor Lodge No. 499
Lebanon Lodge No. 391
Chris Richardson – NC Masonic Foundation
Perquimans Lodge No. 106
Girl Scout Troop No. 508 & 961
Creedmoor United Methodist Church
Break Through Physical Therapy
Selma Lodge No. 320
Lowes Henderson
Girl Scout Troop No. 1119
Hall Lodge No. 53
Youngsville Lodge No. 377
MHCO Staff
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