What have we been up to during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all. We especially pray for the children in our care, the staff providing the front-line services, the medical and first responders sacrificing for others, all our families, all those in the Fraternity, and all those impacted directly. Economic and domestic challenges will negatively impact families. Please help refer families who are going through troubling circumstances. MHCO can provide for the children, while families get back on their feet.

MHCO continues to take a cautious approach to opening up. Events on campus are primarily cancelled through July. Some visitors have been allowed on a case by case basis depending on the nature of their business and the ability to remain safe. Visitors are not entering any cottages. A decision regarding the Masonic Homecoming Festival will be made by the 8/14 Board Meeting.

The campus remains active with the pool, gym, playgrounds, bike rides, and summer academy. Children have become Pen Pals with WhiteStone residents, one of which grew up at Oxford Orphanage. We appreciate WhiteStone reaching out to suggest this wonderful connection between our residents.

We look forward to rescheduling, visiting, inviting, and being personally connected with everyone soon. Videos are out and being developed to celebrate and recognize several of these events, as well as, provide ongoing information regarding your Children’s Home. Check them out below and on the MHCO Facebook page.

We continue to focus on the positives and opportunities this situation has provided. The campus is active with laughter and play. Staff and residents are serious about doing their part to help keep all safe. We are prepared to provide virtual presentations. Let us know if your lodge, church, business, etc. is interested and we will Zoom right to you.

We still miss seeing everyone and hope to be able to visit soon!