Admission to the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford

Referrals for Admission to the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford are accepted from anyone.  These referrals can be submitted by family, friends, childcare placement agencies, Departments of Social Services, Masonic Lodges, Juvenile Justice divisions, area mental health programs, private citizens, homeless shelters, schools, churches, or any who works with children and are concerned for their care and stability.

Admission applications can only be submitted by the legal guardian of the children or by children over the age of 18.  The ability to admit a child or young adult is based on a pre-placement visit, information provided by the guardian and other reliable sources, and the ability to serve, based on MHCO’s criteria for admission and licensed level of care.

A CALL TO 1-888-505-4357 OR 919-693-5111 CAN CHANGE A CHILD’S LIFE

For More Information About Residential Care Options:
Call: 919-693-5111/888-505-4357,
Email: Program Services Assistant

For More Information About Independent Living Options:
Call – 919-693-5111
Email – Independent Living