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In addition to the items listed above we would ask that you consider purchasing gift cards from the following stores and restaurants, which are local and convenient and which contribute directly to the lives and needs of the children – anytime of year and with the assurance that your donation is giving to a specific purpose via this card.  Increments of any amount are welcome and encouraged.  Gift cards help our Home and the lives and care of our children!giftcards

Other gift cards that would be helpful include:



Important – please read THE FOLLOWING regarding in-kind giving!

What your Gift of Need Items Means to the Life of a Child at MHCO

For many of our donors the satisfaction of providing a useful item, a need fulfilled, or a physical contribution for the care of a child is unequaled. The benefits are many and the charity a possibility for anyone. This way of giving to MHCO has grown incredibly over the last ten years and our Home continues to support these donations and the benefits that create for the care of the children – benefits which are great, giving, and needed.

With this in mind we are asking those giving in this way to note the following considerations for 2016.   Per IRS and accounting regulations for in-kind giving and our Finance Department we greatly appreciate the attention, understanding, and continued generosity of those wishing to give in-kind gifts and their consideration of the following:

PLEASE CONTACT MHCO BEFORE YOU SOLICIT FOR, COLLECT, OR DELIVER AN IN-KIND GIFT: You can call toll-free (888-505-4357) or email ( before collecting, purchasing, or traveling to donate in-kind gifts. MHCO is obligated to make sure the work and charity of our donors can be used for the purposes of our mission and in the care of our children and in a reasonable time frame. Reference our Needs List often. Without prior notice or determination MHCO may be unable to accept an in-kind gift.

PLEASE PLACE AN ACCURATE AMOUNT OF VALUE ON YOUR DONATION – Whether or not you are claiming a gift for tax purposes let MHCO know the value of the in-kind donation, as we will need that information for accounting purposes. This will help you as well as MHCO, especially if you intend on writing off your donation. Visit the IRS website which explains how to determine the fair market value of your donation and if you must complete additional forms for in-kind giving over $2,500 or if you are donating automobiles or property in excess of $25,000.

DO NOT ASSUME A GIFT IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE OR CAN BE UTILIZED BY MHCO – Not every in-kind gift is tax-deductible. Services and volunteer hours, although welcomed and used by MHCO, generally cannot be written off. IRS Publication 526 outlines what types of donations can be deducted and how to claim a deduction.

IN-KIND GIVING CANNOT REPLACE TRADITIONAL GIFTS — As valuable as in-kind gifts and need items are – and they are valuable, needed, and save money – MHCO relies heavily on the flexibility of unrestricted cash donations and must have them to survive and continue to serve children in our care.

These requirements will be used regarding in-kind giving at MHCO beginning January 1, 2016. Call MHCO and the Financial Development Department for questions or more information or for any information regarding giving via in-kind gifts.

Your contribution of the above listed items is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the lives of our children and the overall success of our Home. Because we are committed to the highest quality of care for our kids, for meeting their group and individual needs, and for utilizing charity in the most moral and ethical way accepting that which can be efficiently and properly used for the care of children, we ask that you contact our Home prior to collecting or delivering items that are not listed here. While we appreciate every donation intended for our Home, those items donated and then delivered that cannot be used or are in a condition that is not consistent with our mission and the level of quality care we offer, cannot be accepted by MHCO. If you have a question about and item that is not listed or its condition that you wish to donate please contact the Financial Development Department at 919-603-3903 or prior to collecting or delivering that gift.



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