Life is Cool in the Pool!

The new pool was officially dedicated on May 10th.  Board Members, donors, employees, children, and friends of the Home joined to recognize the historic impact of previous pools and this impressive reprieve from the summer and life’s rigors.  Friday’s recognitions included Oxford Mayor Sergent, Chairman Preslar, PGM Hallman, GM Sigmon, and NCMF Chris Richardson.  PGM Hallman shared historic information written by long time Oxford Orphanage employee, Nettie Bemis.  In the report Ms. Bemis shared the many positive benefits of the pool for the children, including improved health.  We look forward to continuing these benefits for the children for several decades.  The dedication ceremonies went extremely well and the children got to swim in the Home’s pool for the first time in two years.  Fundraising continues to completely pay for the pool.  Contact us if you would like to make a splash with your contribution.  And special thanks to all who continue to meet the needs of our children!


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