MHCO Pool Project



Oh, summer pool!

So cold and blue

Are you aware

That I love you?


Your diving board,

Your lovely slide …

Which is best?

I can’t decide.


On sunny days that never end

Oh, summer pool

You’re my best friend!



“Making a Splash” for our Kids at Oxford

The Importance of a Pool in the Lives of our Kids at Oxford

For decades the swimming pool has been a part of the summer experience and generated positive and lasting memories in the lives of children living at Oxford Orphanage and the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford. From the “swimming hole” on the Orphanage Farm to the first pool built in 1921 to the latest location completed in 1988, the pool has been a social gathering place for recreation and fun and is vital to the care of our kids!

Why is a new Pool for our Kids Needed?

Due to its age, major leaks, and the absence of the most current and most efficient safety and environmental features the difficult, but necessary decision was made to close the pool in the summer of 2017. The shower house and pump house also showed signs of disrepair including significant leaks, wiring issues, broken decking, and disconnected ladders.  As with any facility on our campus, physical condition and a safe living environment are the first and most important factors in deciding when to repair, to renovate, and ultimately when to close and rebuild.

A swimming pool is more than just an added feature to an already incredible living environment for our children. It is a place of gladness and relaxation. Throughout history our pool was a gathering spot for cooling off, first swimming lessons, and quality time with staff and other residents alike.  Our pool is a place that brings the campus together to celebrate birthdays, childhood milestones, and to create lasting memories.  Our pool is a place to get away, providing a positive and fun setting that aids our children with difficult and daily feelings of living apart from or without a family. With its current condition and for the health, safety, and well-being of our kids, we must build a new pool that is safe, affordable, and enjoyable, for years to come.

What is the plan for a new Pool at MHCO?

Our MHCO Board of Directors has thoroughly reviewed proposals and approved the design and construction of a new six lane pool, with a “beach-type” zero entry feature allowing children of all ages and ability levels to safely enjoy their experience. New features include a “splash pad”, replacing the maintenance and safety concerns associated with a “baby pool”, and will include a mushroom shower, bubblers, and fountains.  The project also includes a new pool house equipped with ADA compliant showers, an upgraded lifeguard office, and a modern concession stand serving the needs of our children and staff when visiting the pool.  Finally, a new location on campus for the pool was chosen to allow closer proximity to parking and bathrooms with accessibility both inside and outside of the pool.  With these features comes the most important addition – the construction of a safe, efficient pool, built for the health and well-being of all children at MHCO.

We can only make this wonderful part of a child’s life possible at MHCO with your help. Read on to see out how YOU can support this vital and exciting project.

An Executive Summary

CURRENT CONDITION OF POOL – MHCO identified many safety, electrical, and structural concerns that have grown worse over time and because of the risks associated in keeping it in operation, closed the swimming pool and its ancillary facilities, May 2017.  The pool remains closed currently and for the first time since 1980.

Determining factors regarding replacement of the pool versus renovation include the following:

  • Age of the pool – over 30 years old, with filtration and electrical systems of the same age;
  • Cost of repairs – annual costs on average of over $10,000 for leaks, decking repair, pump house repair and maintenance, and other maintenance and safety issues;
  • Comfort and safety of ancillary features – including shower house and pool which are not ADA-compliant, bathrooms that were without privacy features, and limited areas for shade, food preparation, and proper storage of safety equipment;
  • Annual maintenance – due to leaks and the age of pool equipment, annual water costs continued to rise negatively impacting both financial and environmental costs due to water usage and chemical usage.

CONSTRUCTION AND COST – Taking into consideration these factors, the cost to renovate the current pool and its structures, and the ability to properly address these issues with renovation, the MHCO Board of Directors voted in February 2018 to construct a new swimming pool, at a new location on campus, to include a new pool house, decking, pump house, and with added safety and convenience features.  Planning also included the replacement of the “Baby Pool” with a more hygienic, safe, and environmentally-friendly, “Splash Pad, to accommodate younger children.

Primary consideration was given in selecting the appropriate contractor, while examining the ability to secure donated funds and financing to complete the project without additional costs negatively impacting MHCO’s budget dedicated to the care of the children. In February 2017, MHCO accepted proposals for construction of the pool reviewing several designs, analyzing costs, and determining a price point necessary to promote and secure donations sufficient to fund the cost of the project.   After thorough review and multiple revisions to determine that price point, Greenville Pool & Supply Company was chosen in February 2017 as the pool contractor.

The total cost approved by the MHCO Board in February 2018 for pool construction was $307,950 and does not include the cost of a slide. DanCo Builders Inc. was selected as the contractor for the Pool House, Pump House, fencing, lighting, decking, and engineering at an approved cost of $274,509, including a $75,000 allowance for site work.  With these two costs the project total for the pool and ancillary structures equals $582,459.  This is a reduction in the original plans and bids first submitted in May 2017 of $220,000.  Additional costs will be realized in sewer, water, and electrical connections and phone installation.  Additional purchases will include pool amenities, lifeguard stands, pool cleaning and safety equipment, deck furniture, recreational, and concession equipment at an estimated cost of an additional $143,355 for a total project cost of $725,814.

At A Glance

A New Pool for our kids Will feature ….

  • Six lane pool, with zero-graded entry and water slide
  • Splash pad feature, with mushroom shower feature, bubblers, and fountains.
  • ADA-compliant shower house, with privacy stalls and multiple entrance and exit points
  • Dedicated concession area for food service with wash and storage capabilities
  • Lifeguard office equipped with compliant safety and communications equipment
  • Pool design features and depth limitations to enhance therapeutic, educational aquatics program for all ages and swimming abilities
  • Modern pool filtration, monitoring systems to lessen environmental impact, safety concerns, and operational costs
  • Improved security and lighting features to enhance safety and promote utilization

Project start date: May 2018

Est. completion date: May 2019

project cost: $725,814.00



Donor Opportunities

The difference your gift will make to this project

Do you have fond memories of summer and swimming at the pool? Wasn’t it the perfect place to meet friends and have great times?  How important was your first swimming lesson and how proud you were to be able to swim? Is this an experience you would like to give to a child at MHCO?

For almost 80 years the pool has been an essential and important part of the lives of children at MHCO. We need your help to ensure that children today and for years to come will continue to enjoy this wonderful part of the care we offer.  As of May 1, 2018, $271,000 in donations have been given to this significant project in the lives of our kids.  With your donation to our MHCO Pool Project – 2018, we can fully fund our goal of $725,000, “making a splash” for those in our care.  Know with this contribution you will be giving to more than the construction of a pool.  You will be giving directly to the health, safety, confidence, and happiness of a child at MHCO, now and for many summers to come.

Ways you can give to the MHCO Pool Project 2018

RECOGNITION/NAMING RIGHTS – Donors who designate funds for the purchase of these items receive exclusive naming rights on the locations indicated below.



Six Lane pool:        $308,ooo

Pool House:           $150,000

Pump House:        $20,000 – Pledged

Decking:                $30,000

Splash Features:    $12,600

Pool Slide:             $50,000

Fencing:                $12,000 – Pledged

Lighting:               $4,000 – Received

Concession:           $15,281 – Pledged

Equipment:           $2,100

Guard Stands:       $4,400 – Pledged

Deck Furniture:    $12,100

Games:                  $5,900

Pool Equipment:   $930 – Pledged


All donors who give $500 or more will be recognized on the MHCO Pool Project 2018 Giving Wall that will be displayed on the Pool House of the MHCO Swimming Pool.  Click HERE to fill out the donation/pledge form and send it in today!

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