Six-months into the year – what does the rest of 2016 hold and how you can be a part of this special time of year at MHCO!

The year is half over – yes half-way through our 143rd year of child care.  With this in mind and knowing the importance and excitement that can be found in the last two quarters of the year, take a moment to consider what’s available, scheduled, and upcoming for you, our friends and supporters as part of your support of The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford.


August – National “Make a Will Month” – Not always a pleasant topic and definitely a focus of the future of this Home, making a will is so important. For you, for your family, for those charitable institutions that will rely on your legacy of giving, to continue their work, including MHCO.  Wills, estates, annuities, trusts, life insurance policies, property, and many other options kimmel– all have benefits, especially for you!  Benefits that last well beyond a lifetime, benefits that help those you love, benefits that protect all that you have worked for and saved, and benefits for those that rely upon the charity of others.  Take this month (or any month) to look into the benefits of wills and estates.  Visit your chosen legal counsel, financial planner, banker, trusted family member, friend, or call your Financial Development Officer at your charity or church or school, for more information.  You can find out more by contact us at MHCO (919-603-3901/ And look for our updated website providing specific information on planned giving to MHCO in August 2016!!



September – “Activities Abound” – September begins a busy four months of visits from fgroupriends, old and new, coming to campus for a variety of wonderful, generous, tasty, and special events.  From Lodge cookouts to the 14th Annual Eureka Charity Ride, the 2nd “Superhero 5K”, to our annual visit to the Grand Lodge Annual Communication, the Home comes in contact with thousands of people during the month.  Preparations also begin for the holiday season, as Christmas sees even more friends come to interact with and support the Home.  Still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, activities reach a fever pitch for our campus and the community.  Visit the Home’s Facebook page to see activities on campus and in your community during the month of September.



October – “A Time to Come Home” – For almost 80 years the Home has held a very special and meaningful weekend honor those alumni and their families, welcoming them back to Oxford; back to their Home. October 7-9, 2016 honors that tradition, one that now includes the chance for our Masons and all supporters and our community to come together and recognize our alumni and their importance to the history and future of MHCO.  With hopes for a dry forecast, planning is already underway and you are encouraged to make plans to come and joining in this celebration of Homecoming.  Visit the Home’s 6th Annual Masonic Homecoming Festival website for the latest updates and information and mark your calendars to join us for a celebration of the past, present, and future at MHCO.


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