Wayne Roberson Retires from SGA after 40 Years!



Wayne Roberson, center, along with former students and co-workers.


On Saturday, February 10 friends, family, former co-workers, and current staff members met at the Masonic Home Chapel to celebrate the working career of Wayne Roberson. At 40 years, Wayne was one of longest tenured employees in the history of Oxford Orphanage/Masonic Home for Children.

In our journey through life God often puts us in places and situations where we can best have an impact on our fellow man. For Wayne Roberson that place in 1978 was the Oxford Orphanage Printing Department. He has seen many changes through the years, from different faces in the manager’s office to printing equipment that looks far different today than it did when he started. I’m not sure he realized the day he was hired just what the next 40 years would hold for him. But what he did figure out very quickly was the opportunity he would have to impact the young lives of the students that would be in his care for a few hours each week. The author is unknown, but it was once said that “Every child deserves a champion – An adult who will never give up on them and who understands the power of a connection”. Wayne Roberson was that champion for countless former students who love and respect him for what he meant in their lives. The impact he made during his forty years can best be measured by the young people that were under his instruction and have made the Home proud by becoming productive citizens in their own communities.

During his tenure Wayne Roberson was selected to be honored by placement on the School of Graphic Arts Wall of Fame. He is just as deserving as some of the greats who are there, men like Allen and Joe Colenda and Tommy Eller. The Colendas have a whole generation of alumni who love and still speak fondly of them. Wayne has created the next generation that will do the same for him.

Eddie Dickerson, School of Graphic Arts Manager


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  1. Congratulations Wayne, we enjoyed working with you at the orphanage,you were a great inspiration to all who worked with you andall the kids! Tour friends Ron and Linda Weeks

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