Residential Care Programs

MHCO offers residential care services to children and families in several specific areas. Among the programs and services we offer are:

  • Residential group care for children, pre-adolescents and adolescents with assistance to the resident in areas of reunification with birth families, re-socialization/behavioral change, preparation for adult living, academic remediation, and preparation for adoption.
  • Tasks for the family and for the resident are developed and tailored for the individual initially during the placement process and are reviewed and updated semi-annually.
  • Supplemental parenting while the resident is in care which will help the family “be a family” by becoming effective in parenting skills, role differentiation, accepting parental responsibilities, and nurturing, developing, and maintaining appropriate family/child ties and bonds.
  • Child and family counseling to help the family with problems concerning separation, discipline, appropriate methods of discipline, structuring the home environment, etc.
  • Referral services for families, other agencies, and the community at large.
  • Child and family advocacy at the local, state, and national level.
  • Financial assistance for higher education.
  • Aftercare/follow up, involving transition referrals and recommendations; limited services may be available depending upon the type of need.

For More Information About Residential Care Options:
Call – 919-693-5111/888-505-4357,
Email – Program Services Assistant
Fax – 919-693-2479


Independent Living Program

MHCO offers an Independent Living Program (ILP) for young adults, ages 18-21, serving both males and females who are experiencing difficulty transitioning to adult life. The MHCO ILP provides support and guidance focusing on:

  • Preparation for youth to be successfully employed now and in the future,
  • To continue their education.

The services offered are:

  • Individual assessments to determine independent living needs
  • Case planning, staff support, guidance, and advocacy
  • Counseling, training in daily living skills, and apartment living
  • Assistance with furthering education, career planning, pre-vocational skills, and finding / retaining employment
  • Establishing ongoing support networks
  • Assistance with transitional planning
  • Limited aftercare and follow-up services based on type of need and availability

Basic criteria for admission are:

  • Candidate must not be currently charged with or have record of a felony crime act
  • Candidate must not have been convicted as a sexual offender or arsonist
  • Candidate must not present a real and present danger to him/herself or others
  • Candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 21, a U.S. citizen, a North Carolina resident for six months, and in need of assistance in obtaining independent living skills
  • Candidate preferred to have graduated from high school or GED-Program.  A candidate can be considered if out of high school for more than 1 year and currently working to obtain a GED

Those who can refer residents for the program include:

  • Recognized Social Service Agencies
  • Individual childcare service organizations
  • Public Schools and Foster Care Programs
  • The individual themselves, needing service
    Who the Program Serves
  • Young adults who are or have been in the out-of-home placement systems of the Department of Social Services, other residential foster care facilities or who are homeless.
  • Young adults without resources, including a supporting family and financial means
  • May consider young adults who need assistance coping with problems due to some minor developmental delays or social adjustments.

Independent Living Program
Phone: (919) 693-5111
Email:   Program Services Assistant
Fax: (919) 693-2479