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Wheels 4 Hope – A New Partner Agency

YanceyOne of the most important resources that a young adult needs to succeed is access to transportation – some way to get to work and to school. This is not an easy acquisition for most young adults without support, including those in MHCO’s Independent Living Program. During 2014 – 2015, MHCO helped seven ILP residents connect with Wheels 4 Hope. This agency has several locations throughout North CarWheels for Hope - CK_3olina, including one in Raleigh which works with MHCO. Thanks to the work of the Program Director at MHCO, Lisa Trivett and the management and donors with Wheels 4 Hope a partenership has been created that brings a vital element to the lives of our children and the mission of this Home. This agency repairs donated vehicles and helps other human service support agencies match these vehicles to Brittany's Car Blessing 5individuals and families in need of transportation.  We salute the staff of Wheels 4 Hope in Raleigh, those donors who give cars for the use of our children and others and for the organization and its locations throughout the state, bringing a critical component to the lives of those in need.  Please support our friends at Wheels 4 Hope by visiting http://www.wheels4hope.org/